practical and practicality a developing project.


As my practice develops I find myself questioning mortality , not in the sense of death and the end , but in the sense of the new and the old , progress, development, ending of life merging in with new beginnings of life, the way it connects us all and the way it connects with nature, the land, the air we breath, could you ever stop asking the question? were did it all begin? and will it ever end?

This brings me right back to Flanders Fields , as a daydreaming child id always been brought up to respect the poppy. Remembrance day played an important part of understanding what respect, admiration and sacrifice was all about. I didn’t fully crasp the full content of what it stood for , but had a deep fascination in the poppy’s,

The facts are there written in the history books for all to see, but my fascination was the amazing way nature can give something beautiful back after all the brutal killing , blood shed and rotten corpses had seeped into the ground.

So many men sacrificed themselves, some didn’t have a choice and  I do not condone war and conflict , but have the upmost admiration for those today that choose to serve in the armed forces to keep our nation safe.RRXU6557.jpg

As an artist I have for years felt compelled to express that somehow, I thought about how beautiful the poppies looked but how their red colour reminds you of the blood that was sacrificed and seeped into the ground .

Wanting to produce some sort of installation to commemorate remembrance day , I intended to make 1111 poppies to represent the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, practicality’s and other projects got in the way , making it very hard to achieve.

With what I had, and an outstanding  location in the grounds at the forestry school , I once again collaborated with Evija  using her photography skills we embarked on a photoshoot , we spent time on a damp morning making a stronger statement, within the natural surroundings, with the intention to express and evoke an emotion that I hope speaks for itself.

I hope to further develop this project, if time permits ,to work on another installation and incorporate it into some community workshops in the lead up to Remembrance day.IMG_7295.JPG


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